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Rotational mouldings product highlights

Plastics we use

Nylon - exotic yes but has the ultimate in solvent resistance and temp performance
Pvc plastisols - for soft flexible products
Polyethylene-  low to super high densities
Polypropylene - excellent high temperature performance

All our materials are non- hazardous and chemicaly inert

ISO 9001:2008 AccreditedISO 9001:2008 Accredited





Experts in plastic rotational mouldings


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Specialising in custom plastic mouldings, plastic rotational mouldings,
unusual shapes and large containers.

Established in 1988, Orchid Plastics has built a reputation for high quality plastic rotational moulding products across a wide range of markets, including the health sector, agriculture, leisure, marine and automotive industries. The company offers custom designed plastic rotational moulding products using the latest CAD technology and prototype modelling. We can also take your existing design and work with you to make sure that you get what you want from your rotomoulded product.

Specialising in custom mouldings, plastic rotational mouldings, unusual shapes and large containers

We are ISO 9001:2008 accredited so you can be confident that your product is manufactured to high standards and meets your exacting specifications.

A selection of plastic rotational moulding products we produce:

Bins - disposal and waste       Insulated and anti-static boxes
Boat mouldings                     Marine equipment
Buoys                                  Medical equipment
Cleaning machines                Moulded in graphics
Containers                            Printed graphics
Dog litter disposal                 Rainwater harvesting
Emergency equipment           Safety equipment
Environmental equipment      Security equipment
Equine products                    Shipping containers
Filter Housings                      Storage
Flotation devices                   Street furniture
Floats                                  Tanks - chemical
Flood defense                       Tanks - Fuel
Foam filled products              Tanks - water
Housings                              Tanks - underground
Industrial equipment             Transport boxes

Services we offer:

Assembly and test                 Polished surfaces
Budget costing                      Rapid prototypes
Cast aluminium tooling          Rotational plastic moulding
CNC machined tooling           Rotomoulding
Inserts                                 Sheet fabricated tooling
Design service                      Testing
Development service             Textured finishes
Plastic design service             Value analysis